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January 12, 2009



Oh boy! That really sucks! I'd hate not having my TV shows...I'm quite the boob tube addict these days. Cheer up though, its got to get better.

Do any DVDs work with your DVD player or only ones bought in Korea?


Another thought, have you tried getting your shows through iTunes? You may have to pay for them...but its worth a try.


Yes, any DVDs work, including dvdr/rw.

I've never used itunes, but i'll check it out!


And who would blame you for feeling like you are. That would be the last straw for me, not being able to watch my favourite shows.

I hope you get to meet some new people soon. Is there anywhere you can go to meet people from overseas who are in the same situation as you? There must be heaps of families living away from loved ones.

Thinking of you.


Oh, no! It will definitely take a lot of adjustment, I guess. You should totally play WoW too. (I do). It's a nice distraction and it can be kind of social. I'm sorry, honey. I know you'll get settled, it will just take some time.


I hope you know that what you are feeling is totally NORMAL! You are not a bad wife or mother for feeling this way. You have moved to a new country and this is to be expected. It will get better. I wonder if anyone on the base has a satellite that you could tape your shows on?? Have you tried ctv.ca (that's where I watch grey's as I don't have a TV)?
As for going out with the kids, start slow. Take 1 cab ride this week, then next week take 2...you can do it, you manage 2 kids on your own for how many months.
-11C is cold for you (It would be warm for me...it is -48C with the wind this am here!) but I think you will get used to it. Wear nylons under your pants, windpants over them (same for the kids), mitts not gloves and layers...
I am glad you are being honest about how you feel...this is completely normal when you move to a new city and country. Jason has lots of opportunities to meet new fun people as he is at work all day and has had months to get used to living in Korea...
K (aka GFC)


Oh grrrrrrr! I hope things get easier for you soon. I'm sorry things are so hard for you. Maybe one of your wonderful readers could burn you some dvd's of your favorite shows? (I would, but I don't have that capability.)


Oh man - I agree, no one can blame you for feeling that way, it's going to take some more adjustment time.

Do you like to read? What about a Kindle (although you may have the same "not in the us" thing as we do with it).

When does the weather warm up? I totally get the cabin-fever thing (can't go out - too cold)!

I am thinking of you guys!

Tammy (Norman's Woman)

OH NOES!! It's just a bump in the road. Everything will be OK - just give life time for the waves to settle. Cut Jason off from WoW while you still can. I am totally serious when I say it won't get any better, only worse. Ian and I were addicted to WoW for 2 years. Every night after work, we would play until bed time, sometimes 1 or 2am. At lunch, we would play because we had to farm materials for that night's raid. And the weekends were complete WoW fest. It doesn't get any better. It's like crack.


What about a video store or netflix? Or maybe an exchange on the base? DH could ask his band mates maybe they have some.

Laura McIntyre

I hope things get better soon ,you have all went through some big changes. You will all adjust.

Have you tried Bittorent for your shows? That is where i get mine, keep up with Days Of Our Lives that way (its not shown in the UK)


Try not to get too discouraged. Spring will come and you'll be able to go out more, and once you get the car you'll be able to take the kids to play dates. Hang in there!


No TV? That's mean... Tell that hubby to put up his game and pay you guys some well deserved attention! You came along way to get there and be with him. Not to mention all the sacrifices...
Hope things get better soon!


I'm sorry sweetie, you know how you're feeling is completely normal and to be expected. Would the base provide any type of transportation for you? Even if you just took it over to walk through the stores on the base it would get you all out of the house for a couple hours. I know it's really cold there (-11 C is like 12 F, right?) BUT....it is currently NEGATIVE 20 degrees F here in MN and I'm getting ready to bundle the kids up to go outside because we need bread and cat food. So all I'm saying is maybe you can spend 30 minutes bundling the kids up to take a 15 minute walk? I know it's a lot of work for such little time but IT WILL LIFT YOUR SPIRITS!!!


I would look into a slingbox - it's a device that your in-laws (for instance, or anyone else back at home) would hook up to their tv, and then according to some sort of pre-set time/schedule (i don't know the details), allows you to see their programming via your laptop. it's all very fancy, but a bit pricey, but could bring you awesome stuff like the local SC news and the things you really miss. check it out.


Oh sweetie...I'm sorry that things are rough. I know it seems like you have given up a lot but you are also gaining a lot by having your family all together. It may not seem like that now. Communicate with your husband...you guys need to pull together as a family now, more than ever. It will get better once your car and belongings arrive. It will feel more like home and you will have more freedom. Hang in there. HUGS!!!


I feel for you!! I know the weather sucks but the best bet right now to keep you some what sane is to bundle up and go for some walks. :p
Also try www. watchtvsitcoms .com
It's free, you should be able to use it since i can and i am in canada. (i get all the same error messsages you did) and it's free. just click tv shows and then scroll down to your show.

Hope that helps!!



Saw this and thought of your issue.
Hope it helps.


Another thought - have you tried Fancast.com?


If none of those other suggestions work, I'll see if my computer savvy (i.e. in house computer nerd) husband can download them and we'll send them to you. Just let me know! :)



AHHHH!!! WOW is my enemy! We had to cut youngest son off cold - he was becoming uncommunicative and unresponsive. He still has not totally forgiven us. He does play other games but they don't seem as addictive. All of the suggestions for TV sound worth a try- hope one of them works! And I can imagine how different things are for Emma without her buddies (at least you have us :) The difference in discipline methods is a hard one. The only hope I can offer is that I have a friend who was quite the opposite of me in that area. She finally caught on that her children were getting rotten and controlled her. I gues she figured out that my method was working better and I began to see her "using my words and tricks!" It took some time though! How much longer until your stuff arrives???


GASP! That is totally unfair! It bothers me that you, not only U.S. citizens, but a U.S. military cannot access these shows. You would think the military has thought about this and made arrangements. After all, they are the ones that sent you there. I will ask around my office to see if anyone knows anything or has any suggestions (did I tell you I work for the U.S. Army?).

Well, South Carolina misses you. And there's no shame in you missing home. But I'm sure things will get better! Maybe it's just settling in that you're over there.

Smile :)


I think our first shipment of stuff (they divide it into a lightweight load they fly over here and a heavier load that they ship) should get here by January 30th and the 2nd shipment should be maybe a couple weeks behind it.

Thank you for your comment, its nice to here other people's thoughts.


I didnt know you worked for the Army! Tell me more some time!


I'm so sorry Sweetie. I'm sending you a big hug. I wish I had some living in Korea advice for you. Is there a library at least? You could get caught up on your reading!

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